"In the hours after our brief meeting, and then in the months that followed, I would come to believe that everything important about Scalora and his career could be derived from that mystifying wink. The only problem was that I had no idea, really none at all, what he meant by it." - Rolling Stone

Most published pieces mention a small town in California. An academic father. A mother worshipping crystals and chakras. Two conflicting minds coming together to bring forth a bright boy, homeschooled and with a heavy period of rebellion. All the obvious routes from boy to man. Suicide attempts, drug abuse and an affair go unwritten. He's hidden, but somehow his laughter is heard clear across the room. Willem, more often known simply as Will, is charismatic and gripping in conversation. The things he cares for, he seems to care for with every ounce of his being. Passionate about passion. He acts, directs and produces, writes and even teaches these days. Hilariously so, he was a college dropout for several years as he casually pursued an acting career to pay the bills and support his own creative interests. The big break, the one that started it all? An early role in Freaks and Geeks, a series that never exactly took off but wasn't the end for the names and faces involved. Ten years later and he's still down to collaborate.

"On paper, he's a pretentious poetry enthusiast with a Ph.D., a Goddamn mouthful if there ever was one!" someone shares at his roasting. "But he'll do anything to make you laugh, to make you believe you ain't so bad yourself."

While as behaved as an eccentric soul could be, he is occasionally a target for social media slander. His relationships are typically hot and heavy but short lived. Is his hair real? Was that a joint in his mouth? How old is that woman he's with? Did he really go to Stanford? After picking up a handful of gay roles in smaller films and supporting LBGT communities, his sexuality is constantly at question. Hardly one to let talk ruffle his feathers, he regularly pokes fun at instigators.

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